Årsrapport 2019-2020: A year like no other

For befolkningen, virksomhederne og samfundet var 2020 et år som ingen andre. Med den globale Covid-19-krise har mange været udsat for ekstreme udfordringer. Mennesker og familier overalt i verden har mistet deres kære for tidligt og gennemlevet restriktioner i deres dagligdag som tidligere var utænkelige, da regeringer, virksomheder og andre institutioner kæmpede for at holde virussen nede. Den unikke udfordring for erhvervslivet har været, hvordan man respekterer balancen og nødvendigheden af at opretholde en dagligdag og samtidig opfylde sin pligt til at imødekomme samfundets behov på en økonomisk bæredygtig måde.

Nedenstående indhold forefindes kun på engelsk.

Resilience reflected in 19/20 performance

Amid a global pandemic, with a focus on keeping people safe and continuing to deliver top quality services to clients, Mazars showed resilience, achieving global fee income of €1.9 billion in its 2019/2020 financial year (1 September 2019 – 31 August 2020). This represents a 7.8% increase (excluding forex impact of -0.3%) compared to the previous financial year. Our people’s remarkable efforts to continue serving our clients and carry out their assignments enabled us to do more than just weather the storm in 2020.

For full details refer to our 2019/20 Financial statements.


Responding to the Covid-19 crisis

As soon as the Covid-19 outbreak started impacting our offices and stringent health measures were announced around the world, we set ourselves the priority of keeping our people safe and healthy and providing them with the flexibility to take care of themselves and their families. Since the beginning, we have remained by our clients’ sides, sharing advice and tools to help them navigate the crisis.

Read more about our response to the crisis in our Yearbook.



Global rebrand: reaffirming our purpose and promise

In October 2020 Mazars launched its new brand identity which reaffirms its purpose and long-standing values of integrity, responsibility and accountability. It better reflects who Mazars is today, and the unique experience we strive to deliver to our people and our clients. Whether we help our clients overcome their challenges, develop our people into experts and leaders or work for the wellbeing of our communities, we walk the walk and talk the talk. And we always try to do what’s right.  

Find out more about our commitment to deliver on our promise in our Yearbook. 



Committed to shaping a healthier audit industry

Mazars is committed to building a fair and prosperous world as well as a healthier industry. Because of our strong position on the PIE audit market, we take responsibility in ensuring auditors, who have a mission of public interest, can deliver against the expectations. Consistent with our brand purpose, we want to stand at the forefront of the audit debate, to promote significant changes in the profession and call for a public debate involving all stakeholders.

Read more in our Integrated transparency report.


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  • 2019/2020 Financial statements
  • 2019/2020 Integrated transparency report


Yearbook 2020 - English
Yearbook 2020 - English
Mazars at a glance_2020
Mazars at a glance_​2020
Financial statements 2019/2020 - English
Financial statements 2019/2020 - English
Integrated transparency report 2019/2020
Integrated transparency report 2019/2020
Mazars Sustainability Report 2020
Mazars Sustainability Report 2020