Årsrapport 2013/2014: “Breaking New Ground” - Velkommen til den 10. udgave af Mazars’ årsrapport

"Breaking New Ground" er indbegrebet af vores historie. Historien om en organisation, der ikke er bange for at udvikle sig, at tænke innovativt og være nysgerrig samt at turde afprøve nye værktøjer. Mazars tør vove sig ind på nye markeder og opdage nye områder. Hos Mazars er vi overbevist om, at nøglen til at udvikle langsigtede løsninger for de kommende generationer ligger i at være synlig. Nøgletal, strategier, interviews, casestudier: alt, hvad du behøver at vide om os, er at finde i dette års udgave af Mazars’ årsrapport for 2013/2014.

Taking transparency and confidence to the next level


With this tenth edition of our Annual Report, we have decided to take our commitment to transparency to the next level by embarking on a journey towards presenting our financial and non-financial information in accordance with the framework set out by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

With integrated thinking, our goal is to provide the business community and our stakeholders with accurate, clear, and comprehensive information so that they can understand how we create, deliver and share value.

“To be accountable you have to be understandable” – discover our interview with Mervyn King, Chairman of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

Making a difference globally and locally for our clients

The services we provide at Mazars are not commodities, and we are convinced that “one size fits all” is not the way to create added value. We believe in working hand-in-hand with our clients, in understanding their business environment and in offering customized solutions that foster growth over time.

Take a look at our interviews with Lena Yang, Managing Director of Hearst Magazines International (China), and Bruno Rousset, CEO of April.

Participating in debates and preparing future generations of leaders

At Mazars, we believe that it is our responsibility to participate in the debates that shape our professions and the market, and to deploy new service offerings that make it easier to implement the new regulations of today and tomorrow.

Check out Nathalie Berger’s (European Commission) interview on the EU Audit Market Reform.

We also strive to prepare future generations of leaders so that they are able to flourish both within their organizations and in the current economic sphere.

Learn more about The Next MBA

2008-2014: our journey, told through data

We would like to invite you to take a closer look at the Mazars journey through a selection of maps, graphs, and datavisualizations. Click on the image below to start the journey.

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2013 2014 Group Annual Report
2013 2014 Group Annual Report